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Fire Rings are Great for the
Backyard or at Camp!
Landmann Big Sky
Traditional Fire Pits

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  • Unique and stylish decorative cutouts
    create an incredible ambiance at night!
  • Sturdy steel construction designed for
    easy assembly. Offers 360° viewing of
    the fire.
  • Full-size enamel cooking grate included.
  • Large 23.5” diameter bowl.
  • Full-diameter handle.
  • Spark guard cover and poker included
  • Weight-32 lbs
Big Sky Stars & Moons- Black- 28345
Big Sky Stars & Moons- Georgia Clay- 28335
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Fire Pit with your name!

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Big Sky Western- Black- 28346
Big Sky Western- Georgia Clay- 28336
Big Sky Wildlife- Black- 28347
Big Sky Wildlife- Georgia Clay- 28337
Big Sky Fire Ring- Stars & Moon- Black 28325
•Sturdy, 4 mm cast iron construction.
• Ideal for keeping campfires contained.
• Offers 360° viewing of the fire.
• Full-size enamel cooking grate included     
with swing arm and wood handle.
• Large 26” diameter size.
• Ring breaks down into 5 panels for easier

Weight- 55 lbs  
Big Sky Fire Ring- Wildlife- Black 28326
Landmann-USA Fire Pits
Landmann Traditional Fire Pits
Landmann-USA Fire Rings
Landmann Big Sky Cast Iron Fire Ring

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Traditional Fire Pits
Big Sky Cast Iron Fire Ring
Big Sky Tree Leaves- Georgia Clay- 28673